Pet Friendly

The Stalon Hotel in San Martino di Castrozza is a first-class Pet-Friendly hotel that caters to the needs of both humans and their furry companions. As a pet-friendly hotel, the Stalon makes every effort to ensure that all guests, including their four-legged friends, have a comfortable and pleasant stay. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a warm welcome and offered a range of services designed especially for pets.

Hotel Stalon stands out as an exemplary pet-friendly hotel in San Martino di Castrozza. From the provision of essential services such as two bowls in each room to the availability of kennels in the rooms; the Stalon does everything to ensure that pets have a comfortable and pleasant stay. Thanks to its convenient location and range of services, this hotel is the perfect choice for pet owners wishing to create lasting memories with their beloved companions as they explore the beautiful landscapes of San Martino di Castrozza